Unit Supporters

Over the years the Unit has received support from a lot of people, and we thought it was about time they got a mention on our site.

Webtree Authoring Logo

Webtree Authoring Ltd

Website hosting, and web programming assistance


Rotary International Logo


Cwmbran, Henllys and Newport Rotary Clubs

Fundraising - Christmas bag packing and donations


Newport Masonic Hall Logo

Newport Masonic Hall - Provincial Grand Lodge of Monmouthshire

Fundraising - Donations

Tour of the Lodge


Twin Dragons Archery Logo

Twin Dragons Archery Club

Regular archery evenings



Glen Llwyd Scouts

Weekly use of their Scout Hut and our base for over 6 years

CP Construction (Gwent) Ltd

Suppliers of timber for Buff Fires

Goytre Scouts

Regular use of their hall and surrounding area

Blaen Brân Community Woodland

Access to their woodland area above Cwmbran for all sorts of activities

The Stone Family

Access to their 'dell' near Llandegfedd Reservoir

Cwmbran Van Hire

Use of their vans for camps all over the country


Local community group

The Rabbit Man

Suppliers of rabbits for Osama's survival skills

Tim Harker

Regular themed cooking evenings in our early years

Councillors Ron Burnett & Phil Seabourne


Disclaimer: This list has been put together by the leadership team by memory. It is therefore not necessary commpletely correct and is not exhaustive so, if you feel you should be shown here, your details are incorrect, or you do not wish to appear on this list, please let us know and we will make the necessary changes. Email

Summer Camp

Counting down to summer camp

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