Moving On... Life After Explorer Scouts

You have just reached your 18th birthday. Four years of fun and adventure in the Explorer Scout section has come to an what are your choices?

  • Scout Network
  • Leadership Warrant
  • SSAGO club (Student Scout and Guide Organisation)
  • Scout Fellowship
  • A combination of the above

Scout Network

All Members of Scouting aged 18-25 may become Members of the Scout Network. Whatever you choose to do in Scouting, be it take out a warrant or just dip in when you can, you can be a part of Network until you reach your 25th birthday.

The way Network Scouting is operated varies massively across Wales from Area to Area. In some places there are weekly meetings of local Networks covering a town. There may be Networks attached to a particular activity or campsite.

What does Network do?

The Scout Network is one of the five Sections of Scouting and so it’s there to do what all the other Sections do. The Scout Network provides access to a balanced programme for its Members and there is also opportunity to work on the Scout Awards culminating in the Queen’s Scout Award and at the same time the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. You may have already started these in Explorer Scouts.

There’s the chance to work towards National Governing Body awards such as the British Canoe Union. There is also the Explorer Belt, a ten day expedition in a foreign country which is extremely challenging, but very rewarding.

Most importantly the Scout Network gives 18-25s the chance to take part in activities with like-minded people of the same age, and have fun!

Check out Dragon Network. Torfaen District’s very own local Network.

Network Wales

The geography of Wales will sometimes make it difficult for large local Networks to exist. In rural Areas there may only be a handful of Network age people and so it will be impossible to run activities such as a 5-a-side tournament! The sort of ‘identities’ that some large Networks in England have - with their hooded tops with logos etc - will be tricky to produce if your Area Network has just 3 members!

This is where Network Wales comes in. The Network population of the whole Wales will be big enough to have this identity. Network Wales runs events for the whole of the .As well as these Wales events, Network Wales attends the big annual UK events such as National Network Gathering (at Great Tower campsite in the Lake District over Easter) and Gilwell Reunion (Gilwell Park, London over the 1st weekend in September).

Adult Leadership

Lots of you may have been Young Leaders with Explorer Scouts and may want to take this forward and become an Adult Leader.

The Adult Leader Training Scheme will give you all the information and advice you’ll need to be a fantastic Leader! You’ll be able to ‘put something back’ at the same time as having a great time both as a Leader and as a Network Scout. Get in touch with your Scout Group or District to find out where you start. Most of your Young Leader Modules will immediately transfer across to the Adult Leadership Scheme.

Off to Uni or College?

You may be off to university or college soon. You will probably be able to join a local Scout Network or a SSAGO club (Student Scout and Guide Organisation) at your university. For contact details, phone the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818 or see the Scout Network pages on

It will also be OK to join in with Network activities back home during holidays so make sure you keep in touch with them and get their programme sent to you. You only need to pay your Membership Fee once even if you belong to one Network at college and one at home, though local fees may apply.

Scout Fellowship

The Scout Fellowship is a group of adults who have one thing in common - a wish to support Scouting. A Scout Fellowship welcomes men and women of all ages (18 and above), interests and backgrounds. There is no need to have been involved in Scouting or Guiding before, all that is required is a willingness to give some of your time to Scouting. In return you will make friends and be able to join with others doing whatever you decide. A Scout Fellowship has its own social and activity programme.

The aim of the Scout Fellowship is to "Provide Active Support", with the emphasis being very much on supporting the youth programme in an active manner, at all levels of the Association from the local Scout Group to National level.

So what do we mean by "Active Support"?

Active Support encompasses the talents of the Scout Fellowship of all ages and abilities, whether it is physical, mental, geared to a particular technical skill or general support. It could be as a badge examiner, a Training Adviser to new leaders, catering for courses, running pioneering courses, assisting with hill walking, rock climbing etc. We all have something to offer as far as supporting Scouting is concerned whatever our age or ability. In fact, active support means just about anything!

The Scout Fellowship is a large part of the 'backbone' of the Scout Movement - supporting the young people and voluntary leaders wherever help is required. The key to our success is our flexibility - we're here to help.

Contact Torfaen Fellowship for more information.

It’s up to you

The next step is up to you! Whether you become a leader or join the fellowship make sure that you join a local Network or one at college and continue the adventure!

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